Jake Allen

may Artist of the month


Surfboard Shaper:


"Alongside the general demand for high performance, state of the art, machine made surfboards there is also a rising appreciation for authentic, hand crafted surfboards. Today a seemingly endless variety of personal surfboards are being made at a rapid rate not by machines but by young and old enthusiasts who enjoy being a part of an evolutionary process. However, the shaper, as an artist, has been glorified to a certain extent, and often times gets more credit than is deserved in regards to the "making" of a surfboard - unless the shaper is also a Glasser (and also makes the fins). To be sure, there is a difference between shaping a surfboard and making a surfboard. So to clarify, I did not make these boards.


Shaping a board, from a pre-molded blank of foam, with pre-set rocker, using pre-made templates, is only half, maybe less of what goes into the creation of a surfboard in its entirety. Glassing a surfboard is arguably a more difficult and tedious process than the actual shaping of foam. The work of a Glasser has been obscured and unappreciated in comparison to the praise that shapers usually receive. Glassing a surfboard is a delicate and toxic process that has never been glorified to the same extent as shaping." - Jake Allen 


These two boards on display were glassed by Dewi Melopsy, owner of Tiger G Glassing, who has been faithfully glassing surfboards in San Diego for over 20 years. Have you ever heard of her? If you haven't, it's about time. For anybody who needs a board glassed, I highly recommend giving her a call. (619) 852-4197


These boards were both shaped from blanks purchase at

Mitch's Surf Shop in La Jolla. (5'10 RP red)

The fins were purchased at Mitch's Surf Shop North in Solana Beach. I was assured by the

man-behind-the-counter that the fins were made by Larry Gephart. If you don't know who that is, look him up.


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