Pannikids, Where are they now? With NiLeS Fairman

Niles is one our most memorable baristas. Truly one of a kind. He is living in Costa Rica for a year, working on a permaculture farm. We miss him dearly. Here he tells us a little about a native plant in Costa Rica. Enjoy.


"These are red Cuadrados growing outside of my annex. They are truly delish when ripe and so astringent when underripe that you instantly and for a while after regret the attempt to satiate the midday jungle hunger that is so prevalent that any call to rest is answered by the assumption that you are offering yourself up for consumption. Ants are the worst as they do not wait. They seek and sting and though one may say they attack upon disturbance I do believe that they would be thrilled if you fell dead. Life is so abundant that it is said that the biosphere takes up the majority of all nutrients and that beyond the topsoil the clay underneath is a poor provider. This means that turnover of organic matter is quick. Decomposition is a frenzy. I am involved in a herbal medicine course that is very woowoo and also very respectful of all things. Everything is sacred. And can be turned into a tasty treat that may help your skin rash or headache. Part 2, coming soon."

- Niles

amanda morrow