Pannikin turns 50...

This year marks the Pannikin La Jolla's 50th birthday! As part of our celebration, we would first like to pay homage to the man who started it all, Bob Sinclair. Back in 1968 after he got out of the navy, Bob’s car broke down in La Jolla, and he ended up staying. When Bob relocated to what was once a home on Girard Ave, he convinced Dennis Wills of D.G. Wills Books to move with him. Now still there sit two of the longest holdouts of La Jolla's old small business community. Obscured from clear view by trees and fancy car dealerships, Pannikin is a safe haven. We are a community of artists, dreamers and outcasts.

Sinclair was a unique man with an eclectic style. He liked fixing everything from motorcycles to old run down houses. Cafe Moto (where we get our tea from) is actually a product of Sinclair’s love for riding and fixing motorcycles. One of the greatest things about the Pannikin is how little has changed, and we like to think that Bob would approve. For more on “Our Story” click here

Below is an article that was written shortly after Sinclair’s fatal motorcycle accident in 2011.

".....That was 1968. The namesake for Starbucks was still only a character in a little book titled "Moby Dick," and Pannikin was nothing more than a Welsh word for a small cooking vessel. The United States was rushing headlong into history, and Sinclair saw the beauty - the importance even - of a pause for coffee and conversation..." - from an article written shortly after Sinclair's death in 2011. Click here for article

Our friend “Burger,” who is a local legend of sorts, was lucky enough to know Bob pretty well, here he tells us a little about that famous motorcycle that sits above our fireplace, and how it is connected to Bob.

Painting by  Jake Allen

Painting by Jake Allen

Photos courtesy of google and Jake Allen (taken in East Village of Downtown San Diego)

This weekend, we celebrate with good music, good food, and good beer, as we cheers to 50 more unforgettable years of community together.

amanda morrow