Fiesta for Gaby


We wanted to send out another thank you to everyone who contributed to “Fiesta for Gaby.” Whether you bought a ticket, donated online, donated in person, or even just sent loving words to Gaby, THANK YOU! It’s so great to know that we can bring our community together in a time of need. This space is so much more than a coffee shop to us, and we love being able to connect with the customers who come in everyday.

Everything that went into creating this event was donated. All of your donations, ticket purchases, and auction item purchases have been delivered to Gaby. We were able to raise over $8,000! He will now have money to help pay for his medical bills and living expenses while he is not able to work. We are hoping he will be back in the kitchen soon but for now he needs the time to rest and be with his family. Gaby is one of the backbones of this cafe. He has the best attitude in the most stressful situations, and has a way of spreading happiness wherever he goes. He is just so damn loveable!

Anyways…. we love and appreciate you all. Here are some cool shots our barista Maddie got of the band (featuring Tess from Australia!) during the party.

Love, Charlotte and the Pannikin family

amanda morrow