How to contact us & FAQs

location & hours


7467 Girard Ave

La Jolla, CA 92037



Mon-Fri 6am-6pm

Sat-Sun 630am-6pm


858-454-5453 (take away food orders available over the phone, but no drink orders over the phone)


  • Do you have WiFi? Yes
  • Can I bring my dog inside? Technically no pets are allowed inside the cafe, but we would love to have your pets in our outdoor patio, we would actually enjoy that
  • Do you have any gluten free / vegan options? YES, we have gluten free muffins baked fresh daily, as well as our famous Vegan Granola Bar which we get from Pannikin Coffee and Tea
  • Do you have any pastries that are "nut free"? Yes, but many of our muffins DO contain nuts, so ask one of our friendly baristas about the nut free options..also our Mexican chocolate mix has traces of nuts FYI
  • What types of milk do you have? Our default milk is Whole Cow milk...but we DO offer these milk alternatives: organic almond & soy
  • Is your milk Organic? Yes, all of our milk is always organic
  • Is all of your food organic? We try to use as many organic ingredients as possible. We know where all of our products are coming from, and we have close relationships with our suppliers. To check out our suppliers click here
  • Are you closed on holidays? The only days we are ever closed are Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day (although we may close a few hours early on some summer holidays)
  • Do you offer a discount if we bring our own cup? YES. We would love for you to bring your own cup when ordering drinks. This reduces waste, plus you look super cool cause no one else has the same mug as you and, you save a quarter off your drink price. 

Inquiries below via email for:

  • Job applications (but we would prefer you to come by the cafe and fill out an application in person)
  • Chance to be a featured artist of the month (you also may directly contact our art curator Natalie Bessell at nataliebessell@gmail.com)
  • Any other questions / concerns you may have.

Please fill out the below information, and we will get back to as soon as we can, thanks!

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