November Artist of the month


Mexican artist based in Tijuana/San Diego Founder/creative director of Casa Tamarindo:


Ita is a Mexican artist based in San Diego & Tijuana. His work focuses on issues of sustainability and cross-border culture. Having grown up in La Jolla, to have a show at the Pannikin is a dream come true. For as long as he can remember he has been coming to the Pannikin to drink some tea and get inspired by the art on the walls. His hope is that this show will do the same for an aspiring artist and be an example that with enough perseverance anything is possible. 

Ita is also the founder and creative director of Casa Tamarindo. Casa Tamarindo is a binational design house based in San Diego & Tijuana. It explores how the arts can be used to foster cross-border collaboration and encourage an environmentally healthy lifestyle. For more information visit "

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Instagram: @casa_tamarindo

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