Laman Eminli


january Artist of the month


LAMAN Eminli

“Laman Eminli is a mixed media artist born in Azerbaijan - where oriental East meets with modern West. Colorful nature and Caucasian culture of Azerbaijan inspired her to start painting. She paints mostly with acrylic and gouache. All of her art works are one of a kind. 

Laman received a bachelor’s degree in International Business and she furthered her education in Human Resources Management at UCSD. She believes that humanity is one the most important inspirations of her love to painting. 

This time around, Laman is happy to present her collection - “Colors of My Love”. The idea her new collection carries is that “Everyone sees things in a different way. Life is beautiful with all its moments, and seeing and feeling its beauty depends on your own imagination. You are the only one who can make everything seem different in your life.”

Laman likes to visit world famous art galleries all over the world. Recently, Laman visitedArt Basel in Miami and South Beach, Florida. She plans to present her artwork during Art Basel 2018 including wall graffiti. 

Meeting new people, discovering new cities, and reading about new cultures inspire her. In her 20s she has been to more than 50 cities. She believes that life gets even more beautiful when you appreciate it by traveling. She lives in San Diego with her husband who she thinks is the greatest motivation and love resource of her life.”



+1 858.888.6456

Instagram: @thegirlinmymirroris