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 Pannikin La Jolla breakfast menu

served daily until 3:00 pm

*eggs served until 2:30 pm


Toast: sourdough or whole wheat ($1.75)

*add avocado for ($1.00)


Busy Bee Bagel ($2.25)

*add cream cheese ($.50)


Homemade Granola: with milk ($5.00)

*add fruit for ($1.75) or

yogurt for ($1.00)


Fresh Fruit ($6.25)


Plain Yogurt Cup ($2.00)


Breakfast Bagel: bagel sandwich with egg and cheese ($5.50)


Bandiera Plate: bagel choice, pesto, cream cheese, sun-dried tomato, with fresh fruit ($8.50)


Super Steamers: two eggs & english muffin ($4.75)


Greek Eggs: steam scrambled eggs, feta, tomato & basil, bialy ($7.50)


Breakfast Burrito: egg & cheese with Eugenio's homemade salsa


*add black beans and tomatoes to make it "especial" for ($1.50)


Huevos Rancheros: steam scrambled eggs with cheese, sour cream, beans & flour tortilla


Huevos a la Mexicana: steam scrambled eggs, onion, tomato, jalapeno, flour tortilla, salsa ($7.00)


Wake 'Em Up Bagel: bagel choice with eggs, Tobasco, beans & cheese

Steel Cut Oats: with hot milk and brown sugar


*add strawberries & bananas for



Lox Plate: bagel choice with Scottish Lox, capers, cream cheese, red onion, tomato, lemon & fresh fruit ($12.00)


Bagel Plate: bagel choice with turkey, ham, or avocado, with cream cheese and veggies


Crois Panwich: croissant stuffed with eggs, cheese & ham ($8.00)


EXTRAS (can be added to breakfast or lunch items)

*add tomato, scallion, basil, jalapeno, mushroom, bell pepper, salsa, cheese ($.50)

*add avocado, egg ($1.00)

*add bacon, ham, turkey ($1.50)

*add egg whites ($2.00)


All of our eggs are steam scrambled.

No Oil! No butter! No frying! (served

until 2:30 every day)

*Pastries and Breads baked from scratch daily*

 Pannikin La Jolla pastries and coffee

Croissants and French pastries provided by The French Gourmet


 Pannikin La Jolla lunch vegetarian burrito

served daily until 3:00 pm


Panwich: sandwich with ham, turkey, or avocado & cucumber

lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, dijon, & mayo

(on whole wheat or sour dough bread)


Chicken Curry: choose salad or sandwich

made with sweet mango chutney


Toltec Tuna: choose salad or sandwich


Tuna Melt: open-faced with provolone & tomato


Turkey Melt: open-faced with sprouts, tomato, provolone, mustard

Garden Salad: organic mixed greens, sprouts, tomato, cucumber, homemade pesto vinaigrette



Caesar Salad: romaine, lemon, parmesan, homemade crouton, homemade caesar dressing ($7.75)


Riviera Salad: spinach, toasted almonds, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, homemade pesto vinaigrette ($8.00)


Daily Soup: vegan, made with local, organic farmer's market veggies

cup ($4.75)

bowl ($6.25)


Homemade Quiche of the day ($6.00)



The Combos:

1. half panwich with half salad or cup of soup

2. half salad and cup of soup

3. quiche and half salad or cup of soup



Veggie Burrito: beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, salsa ($6.25)


Quesadilla ($4.75)

*add veggies ($6.75)


Hummus Plate ($5.25)

*add veggies ($8.25)


Fresh produce provided by Roseacres Farm



Fresh Bagels baked every morning by busy bee's bagels


 Pannikin La Jolla coffee, lattes, cappucinos 

* Drinks cannot be ordered over the phone *


coffee drinks

Drip Coffee

Cold Brew

Cafe Au Lait

Cafe Mocha

White Mocha

Cold Brew Mocha 

traditional Espresso




Con Panna


Cafe Latte

Mexican Espresso Mocha

specialty Espresso

Espresso White Mocha

Chai Bomb

Jimi Hendrix

Keith Richards


Blended Mocha


Other stuff

Loose Tea

Arnold Palmer

Chai Latte

Milk Steamer

Mexican Chocolate

Cold Milk

Organic Juice

Bottled Bev


Coffee and espresso beans provided by Pannikin Coffee and Tea

 Pannikin La Jolla drinks

*We also now have a "take a mug, leave a mug" wall at the cafe. So if you forgot yours, you can borrow one and bring it back, or bring in a different one, just ask a barista where to find them*