Natalie Bessell

Art Curator: Natalie bessell

Natalie Bessell Art

    The Pannikin encourages creativity and artistic expression above all. Over the years, our staff have eloquently created a space surrounded by otherworldly art, sparking conversation and curiosity. It has been a joy to watch the evolution of our resident artist Natalie Bessell, who has been our art curator and part time barista for the past 7 years. Almost entirely self-taught, she has been creating for as long as she can remember. Like most children, she created worlds for her toys, but unlike most children, this has never stopped. Only now her “toys” live in her paintings and we are lucky enough to see into their worlds. 

   As curator, Natalie decides who will show their work at the cafe each month. Check out her art on her online gallery or come by and see some in person. If you would like a chance to be a featured artist and have your art up for a month contact Natalie directly via her website.





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