Pannikids Art Show

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Pannikids art show

This month we had a special art show which featured photos and paintings from a few staff members. In honor of our 50th anniversary Jake Allen painted Bob Sinclair, along with a few other mysterious characters; Tom Waits, a beautiful braided lady, and some other creepy guys. Another highlight of this show was our photos of RoseAcres farm (photos taken and framed by Charlotte Hills and Gloria Soderlind). Having a close connection to where our food comes from is very important to us, and we couldn’t be happier about our relationship with Dan and Leona Grunow (RoseAcres farm owners). We made a few trips out to there property in Boulevard, where they let us follow them around and photograph them. We camped under the stars, woke up with the sun, played with the kids in the garden, had a farm fresh dinner, and watched the process of harvesting and washing produce to prep for their weekly CSA delivery.

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Roseacres farm photos by gloria



Roseacres farm photos by charlotte