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sophia guymer

Meet our artist of the month and former barista, Sophi Guymer. Sophi currently lives in North county where she works as a full time artist. "Australian artist, Sophia Guymer works with acrylics and oils to create large, bold statement pieces. Focusing mainly on a singular female subject matter she strives to portray moods and emotions through simple looks and body positions. 

"I like to keep them bright and fun" she says "they're not meant to sit quietly in a room but rather be the main event and evoke conversation."

Sophia is a self taught artist and has been painting since as long as she can remember "I just switched my crayons out for brushes at some point along the way." 

Some of her recent works can be found at The Pannikin in La Jolla. A coffee shop where she worked growing up and displayed her artwork selling some of her first pieces.


Sophia has been selling work as a professional artist for the past 8 years.

Her paintings have appeared in publications, galleries and private collections all over the world."


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