Meet the Pannikids.....

  — our staff —

Some of our staff have been working at the Pannikin La Jolla for almost 30 years.


johnny angel

Manager, Barista, Baker, Cook, Handyman, Comedian, YOU NAME IT. This guy does it all. The glue that makes the whole thing work. One of things that makes the Pannikin La Jolla so great is that we embrace the unique-ness of our employees and customers. People like Johnny make your morning cup o' joe interesting, which is part of why people keep coming back.



Cook...and overall suave badass. Miguel has been around a long time. He is an amazing cook and a really loveable guy.



Cook! This guy. He's pretty much been working here forever, and will probably never leave. He holds the kitchen together. Not sure where we would be without this man. Also the creator of our famous "Eugenio's Salsa."


Barista! One of our spunkier baristas who has been here almost two years now. She's got some beautiful latte art and even better tattoos. She genuinely cares about the cafe and it shows in her attention to detail.



Barista, Art Curator, Social Media Maven. Natalie has been working at the Pannikin for over six years as a barista and has continued to amaze us. Ever wondered who is in charge of the beautiful art that hangs on our walls? As our art curator, Natalie works hard to keep the space organized and is always finding ways to improve the cafe. She recently remodeled the bathroom into a Mexican oasis, some of us want to live in there now. She hangs her art consistently throughout the cafe and also features a new artist each month in our chess room.


DSC_0020 1-copy.jpg


Cook. Gabby is a part of the staff that has been here for the longest, and is also one of the most loveable guys. He's always got a smile on his face and gives the best hugs. He also makes some of our favorite secret menu items.



Baker, Barista, Kitchen Staff. Baker, Barista, Kitchen Staff. Jake is one of the most interesting people you may ever meet. He is a humble musician and surfer. He once curated an art show at the cafe showcasing other people's work rather than just his own. He is also an amazing barista, as he pays close attention to detail. Thanks to Jake we now have a record player where he plays sweet tunes during the afternoon.

DSC_0056 1-copy.jpg


Barista. Charlotte or "Sharky" has been at the Pannikin for a couple years now. She is probably best known for her crazy family (especially mother) who come into the cafe frequently. They have been around La Jolla forever and the Pannikin has become a perfect spot for the odd balls to gather and tend to the dog visitors on the patio.

DSC_0077 1-copy.jpg


Barista. Cameron is another new member of the barista team. He has a great sense of humor and will sing all the way through a shift. He is also a genuinely kind guy to all customers and fellow co-workers.



Barista. Maddie is our cute lil' photographer from Michigan. The goofiest of the bunch, she plays the best old school tunes and is a joy to be around. When she's not working as a barista you can find her skiing or shooting photos in the mountains.




Val! She started as a part time baker and recently moved into barista territory. Such a fun spirited friend and overall “good vibe” human. She’s into surfing, baking fun espresso glazed scones, being a doctor!, and cruising around town with her adorable pint sized dog poncho.



Barista, sometimes cook, basically every customers favorite employee. Antonio has been here at the Pannikin La Jolla for over 17 years and counting. We now sell Antonio's delicious tamales home made at the cafe.



Baker, Barista, Kitchen staff. Another one that does it all. Petra finds a way to do everything and still be one of the nicest people you'll talk to all day. She is a an important part of our community not only at The Pannikin, but also at the Misfit Art Gallery just down the road which she owns and runs with her lovely husband.


DSC_0024 1-copy.jpg


Barista. Anna has recently joined the barista family and has become a great addition to the clan. She has an awesome attitude and even better work ethic.



Cook. Such a loveable guy! Franco is somewhat new to the kitchen staff. Hard worker and part time trumpet-player for the Tess Pant-Thomas Band. That smile! We love Franco.



Barista, Kitchen Staff. Although Niles does not work at the Pannikin any longer, he is probably one of the most memorable. As Jake once said, "Niles' mother witnessed a volcano erupt while he was in the womb, which explains a lot." Niles is now in Costa Rica saving the world from trash overload. Check up on our blog soon to find out what and how Niles is doing.



Barista, Baker, Kitchen Staff. Ben is an old soul, wise beyond his years. He knows just about every good book, song, or movie. This might be attributed to his part time job at the bookstore working for Dennis Wills next door. Smart, witty, and approachable, Ben the Baker is an all around stand up guy.



Baker. Noah recently joined the team as a baker for our pastries as well as our bread. His bread company "Wildwood Flour" has become a new favorite among customers and staff. He learned the trade of Artisan bread making from his mother and has worked at various bakeries. Plus he's a great surfer guy and musician with an awesome attitude.



Barista. Tess is currently traveling on the other side of the world in Australia and South East Asia. Lead singer of the "Tess Plant-Thomas Band", she is a woman of many talents. You kind of just want to be around her all the time. She's got a great sense of humor and she's even a better writer. She once wrote a book of short stories that really blew everyone's socks off. Keep up with our blog for updates on where Tess is and what she is doing.

DSC_0014 1-copy.jpg


Barista. Erin has been here on and off for over ten years. She must like us for some reason....She knows the ins and outs of the cafe always seems to keep it cool under stress. She is also an acupuncturist outside of the Pannikin.



Barista. Chandler is cool. He comes from Chico, in Northern California but fits in great with the motley crew here at the Pannikin.



Lexe is a repeat offender. She started working for us back when she was in high school, and after a couple years meandering in Santa Cruz, doing super cool Lexe type stuff (she’s is now actually working as an Ayurvedic counselor) she’s back! And we are so happy about it. So smart and wise beyond her years, Lexe is a pleasure to work with.