Pannikin La Jolla since 1968

A bit of our story...

Pannikin Coffee and Tea opened in 1968 in one of the cottages at the Green Dragon Artist Colony. Bob SinClair started roasting coffee and blending teas selling them wholesale out of his home. Bob's vision of roasting craft coffee and blending the best teas and spices was one that would be followed by the likes of many craft coffee joints. Bob and his wife Gaye eventually opened seven Pannikin locations throughout San Diego. La Jolla, Point Loma, Encinitas, Del Mar, and two downtown locations. In 1971 he relocated to what was once a home on Girard Ave, and convinced Dennis Wills of D.G. Wills Books to move with him. Now still there sit two of the longest holdouts of La Jolla's old small business community. Obscured from clear view by trees and fancy car dealerships, Pannikin is a safe haven for the old, the young, and the black sheep of the family. We are a community of artists, dreamers and outcasts.


SD union tribune

“Coffee Pioneer recalled as colorful, creative..”


La jolla light article

“In La Jolla, start your day the Pannikin way, with sustenance and a smile.”


La Jolla light article

“Johnny Angel” feature


Where our stuff comes from.....

Pannikin Coffee and Tea

Roseacres Farm

Wildwood Flour

EbenHaezer Egg Ranch

Busy Bee's Bagels

Cafe Moto

here you can Meet the people who pour their heart and soul into providing you a quality product that tastes good and is good for you. 


Pannikin Coffee and tea

Located in Encinitas, CA

Our coffee comes from...

pannikin coffee and tea

Welcome to the Pannikin. We have been in the business of serving the community with all of its coffee and tea needs since 1968. In the heart of Leucadia, Ca our family owned and operated business roasts coffee and bakes daily for all four of its San Diego locations. We are purveyors of freshly roasted coffee, fine imported teas and freshly baked goods. We take great pride in bringing you the freshest selection of single origin coffees and proprietary blends from around the globe. Our tea list is notable and you will not be disappointed in the wide range offered here. Built in 1888 the Pannikin is located in this historic Santa Fe Railroad Station on historic Coast Highway 101.


Rose acres farm

Located in Boulevard, CA

Our produce (most of our veggies) come from.....

Roseacres Farm

Rose Acres Farm is a 32 acre working homestead in the backcountry of San Diego County. Two families live off the vegetables, eggs, and meat that are raised on the land. Rose Acres powers it’s wells and greenhouses with solar power and follow organic, regenerative farming principles; always learning and implementing new practices to keep their gardens and lifestyle sustainable.  The market garden at the homestead provides an abundance of vegetables that is sold to the local community through a farm stand; as a farm box home delivery or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share to central and east San Diego; and wholesale to restaurants in La Jolla.

In the 2018 season, Rose Acres Farm produce will be found on your plates seasonally from April to November. You can visit their website for more information on their farm.



Noah Orloff Wildwood Flour Bread

Our bread comes from......

wildwood flour

Noah (Orloff) is a dedicated practitioner of the time-honored tradition of artisan bread making. Noah first learned the skill from his mother, who eventually partnered with Noah to open up their own artisan bakery, The Bread Barn. After departing from the family business, Noah moved to Santa Cruz, California, and began baking at Companion bakery, where he sharpened his knowledge and bread making skills. Noah has taken his baking experience back to his hometown of La Jolla, where he spends his days baking hand-shaped bread that is traditional, wholesome, and healthy. As a student of bread making, Noah maintains a deep respect for bread's history, the environment, and the art form, itself. He takes pride in his craft, and is consistently striving to perfect the management of fermentation with a wild yeast, while creating tasty, nourishing, loaves that never cease to satisfy.




ebenhaezer eggs

Located in Ramona, CA

Our eggs come from....

ebenhaezer egg ranch

Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch is a small family owned farm located just a 45 minute drive from downtown San Diego. We started with little more than a few chickens, selling from a few farmers markets and straight out of the ranch. From these simple beginnings, we have been encouraged by our community to become a favorite local supplier of eggs.


Many of our customers ask: “Why do your eggs taste so much better?  Why are your eggs so much bigger?”

The answer is that our feed is made up primarily of corn, cracked corn and soybean meal. In our vegitarian feed we do not have meat and bone meal added. This gives the eggs a better taste. We hand pick all our eggs and interact with the chickens daily. 


Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, locally grown, great tasting eggs. Our eggs are the freshest and tastiest eggs you can buy. By buying locally grown eggs you are supporting the local economy and reducing the amount of energy used in transportation. In addition, some of our producers are organically certified and utilize the latest green technology to ensure the smallest carbon footprint possible. 


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